Deluxe Moon Dual Adjustable Height Shooting Seat Stick with Carry Strap


A traditional styled seat stick/shooting stick with interchangeable rubber and point-and-plate spike so it can be used on hard or soft surfaces, town or country.

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Deluxe Moon Dual Adjustable Height Shooting Seat Stick with Carry Strap

We are pleased to introduce the new Deluxe Moon Dual Shooting Seat Stick for its unique round shaped seat. Featuring high grade premium leather and a carry strap. Perfect to fling over your shoulder and go out and explore.

Firstly, its Moon style shaped seat was preffered by a huge 84% of people who tried one during our Testing Weekend in Eastbourne. These trials were made up of the general public and most of those involved. liked the feel of this new Moon shape seat, as a more comfortable shape.

It has a large and robust rubber ferule on the end, perfect for hard ground. This ferule can be unscrewed to reveal the spike which when coupled with the provided plate are perfect for soft ground. Replace the unscrewed ferule with the plate, you simply unscew this from the holder. You may even scew the ferule back on the plate holder whilst its not in use.

A convenient press stud clip is there to use when walking and you want the handles locked together. The solid metal handles are covered with a leather grip so you can walk without your hands touching the metal.

The top shaft is covered with a leather finish making it look very smart. Being adjustable in height, it really is a versatile stick and a handy one to have around for those times when one is in need. Made from top quality materials and with a high build finish, makes our Moon Dual Seat Shooting Stick the perfect buy.

This stick can be placed in two halves, perfect for storage or traveling. Please remember to always check and make sure your adjustable height shooting stick is safe and secure before each use. Each piece becomes 60cm in height or less.


Walking Height adjustable in increments of 5cm: 75.5cm – 96.5cm in increments

Seat area: 30cm left to right by 15cm.

Maximum User Weight: 230lb

Sitting height: 59cm to 84.5cm in 5cm increments.

Stick weight: 1010g approx.

Weight 1010 g
Main Colour



Simply Unearthed

Seat area

30cm left to right by 15cm

Maximum User Weight


Sitting height

59cm to 84.5cm in 5cm increments




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