Extra long Microwave wheat bag – NON Scented Purple Corduroy


Luxury extra long corduroy wheat bag. Unscented, ready for use as it is or you can add some essential oils of your choice to make it a personalised heat pack. Has 3 stitches where the wheat can be sectioned reducing it settling in one area.

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Extra long Microwave wheat bag – NON Scented Purple Corduroy

Purple cord wheat bag with no added lavender, the perfect partner when you need a dose of heat therapy. No lavender flowers or oils are added to our non scented range of wheat bags.

Even though unscented heat packs are not filled with lavender, there may still be slight traces of lavender scent at first as they are made in the same factory that produces our lavender wheat bags. The scent will go if they are left open for a few hours. If you are allergic to lavender it may be better to try our Cherry stone pillows, Grain heat packs or MicroBead heat packs instead as they are made in a factory that does not produce lavender scented heat packs.

Approx Sizes: Length 69cm, Width 11cm approx 700g.

Heating Recommendations: Heat the product following the instructions below.

  • Place half a cup of water inside microwave whilst heating to assist wheat rehydration.
  • Make sure the turntable is clean and able to rotate freely.
  • During heating, it is important that the wheat is able to circulate freely and heat evenly. Half way through the heating process take the product out of the microwave and flip over. Replace to continue warming for the remainder of the recommended heating time.
  • Do not exceed recommended heating time.
  • In the event of overheating allow to return to room temperature and do not place under a cover.

Please follow instructions carefully on heating times and ensure you do not overheat.


Please note these wheat bags have no lavender added, on receiving some may have light smells as they are made in a factory where fragrances are used, however this will subside after leaving out for a little while.

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 69 × 11 cm

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