Premium Hot and Cold Pack NON Lavender 100% Cotton Cute Foxes Design Microwave Wheat Bag


Foxes design Hot and Cold non lavender wheat bag in 100% cotton and made in the UK.

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Premium Hot and Cold Pack NON Lavender 100% Cotton Cute Foxes Design Microwave Wheat Bag 

This cotton wheat bag is filled with quality wheat grown in Norfolk and exclusively designed with pretty foxes.

This wheat bag is non scented and has no fragrance added, leaving you free to warm up scent free or even add a dash of your favorite fragrance to it for the perfect aroma filling your space. This non lavender hot and cold wheat pack can be easily moulded round the neck or any part of the body. Whats more, you can easily turn your heat pack into the perfect ice pack by simply leaving it in the freezer for around 30 minutes. This can offer relief to fever and swelling. The wheat stays loose throughout, giving a perfect fit to any part of your body. This also comes in a box so it can be kept safe whilst not in use. Being unscented, this wheat bag can be used by those who can not use lavender scented.

A soft, cotton fabric non scented range of wheat bags can also have other essential oils added to them so they can be infused with your favorite scents.

Don’t forget that this is a hot and cold pack so you can freeze it for an effective ice pack too.

Length 42cm, Width 13cm approx 650-700g.

Heating guidelines must be followed each time.

Gift boxed.


Please note these wheat bags have no lavender added, on receiving some may have light smells as they are made in a factory where fragrances are used, however this will subside after leaving out for a little while.

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 42 × 13 cm

Simply Unearthed


Hot & Cold


Non Lavender






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