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Simply Unearthed was formed as a brand by MD of Amazing Health Ltd. She had a dream of something ‘unearthed’ and in the dream were pretty cotton materials. The dream inspired her to create the brand.

She searched for these fabrics to produce a range of innovative, unique and affordable heat pads.

Simply Unearthed colourful and cheerful heat therapy range, was launched in 2014, after a vision of a quality heat therapy brand. A pretty range of bright colours of wheat bags, wheat bottles, heat therapy wraps and more. As an animal and nature lover she decided to search for animal or floral designs, to supply to those like minded.

Bringing the age old traditional heat therapy wheat wraps out of the dark ages and into the land of the living. Cutting edge funky designs coupled with innovative style and top quality material makes Simply Unearthed appeal to the young and old who want to keep warm, relax and use aromatherapy with the best in fabric and quality. The range of products are great gifts too.

All products are Made in the UK, the wheat is also from the UK, they are stitched in the UK and the gift boxes are also eco-friendly and made in the UK.

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