The word is generally used just like the a self-personality out-of sexual or romantic positioning

The word is generally used just like the a self-personality out-of sexual or romantic positioning

Lesbian is frequently defined as a woman that is lured to other feminine romantically, sexually, or both, among a great many other meanings. No matter if lesbians are frequently defined as women who is actually solely drawn so you can feminine, he has got also been called women mainly interested in most other female. Certain love to play with otherwise also use “gay” or “gay woman” because an identifier.

Lesbians possess argued whom shares its term and is part of this new lesbian society for over a great century. He’s got variously started laid out centered on sexual behaviors, sexual internet, otherwise worry about-pinpointing into label. For example, women who care about-choose given that one another bisexual and lesbian [note step one] wouldn’t be utilized in a classification you to definitely determine lesbians is actually simply founded towards the women, but might be inside the a greater definition one to surrounds most other labels. Significance and additionally are very different in the whether they explore extended code away from gender, eg someone who self-relates to due to the fact a female otherwise phrasing you to explicitly has individuals who don’t identify merely just like the women, such lady-lined up [notice dos] and some genderqueer and you may/or non-digital individuals who be a connection to womanhood.

Lesbians may be cisgender otherwise transgender; just like the gender try an alternative design from sexual direction, individuals could be both trans and you will lesbian. [mention step 3] Established their assigned gender during the beginning and you may attraction so you’re able to women, and you can just before realizing the gender name and you will transitioning, specific trans women (assigned men at delivery) formerly identify given that straight and several trans men (tasked feminine during the birth) because the lesbian. Trans feminine keen on women get after that understand themselves because lesbian female. Since lesbian teams tend to be more accepting out of masculine and you can gender non-compliant those who was in fact assigned female at the delivery than simply straight communities, trans guys tend to very first choose due to the fact lesbians prior to transitioning; although not, this doesn’t mean that all butch otherwise male lesbians is transgender. Based on private issues, particular trans men take care of its lesbian identities and neighborhood wedding since men.

Particular lesbians have tried the fresh label to explain the gender from inside the inclusion to their places. On the Gender Census, an annual on the internet worldwide questionnaire of people that do not strictly select toward gender binary, members expressed its individual identifiers; the thing “lesbian (partly otherwise entirely about gender)” is actually picked from the 12.9% of your participants in 2021 and 13.8% within the 2022.


  • step one Etymology
  • dos Society
  • 2.1 Records
  • dos.step 1.1 In the Weimar Republic (1919–1933)
  • dos.1.2 When you look at the Nazi routine (1933–1945)
  • 2.step 1.3 Judge pressures so you can lesbian literary paina tГ¤tГ¤ sivustoa works
  • 2.step 1.4 Middle-20th century, Us
  • 2.1.5 Stonewall riots
  • 2.1.6 Lesbian-feminism plus the lesbian sex wars


The word “Lesbian” in the first place known some one otherwise some thing regarding Greek isle out-of Lesbos. It is of greatest poet Sappho, a residential area chief regarding isle out-of Lesbos exactly who wrote multiple like poems for other feminine circa 600 BCE. Brand new adjective “sapphic” is additionally produced from Sappho. Sappho along with had written sensual and you can romantic passages you to definitely integrated guys, however in English code texts, her sorts of connection to your sensual love between women has been old so you’re able to 1732 otherwise in advance of. Of the 1870, “lesbianism” had become a good noun to possess good female’s erotic need for most other female otherwise homosexual affairs between the two, as the phrase “lesbian like” was a student in have fun with of the 1883, to begin with dispersing within the U.S. medical publications that framed sexual closeness ranging from women as pathological. Used while the a keen adjective about new island of Lesbos or even to amatory poetry, “lesbian” has been in carried on play with since 1890 to spell it out personal and you may/otherwise sexual choices ranging from feminine no matter their specific sexualities, such as “lesbian couples”, “lesbian sex”, otherwise “lesbian hug”. Because of the 1904, lesbian was in explore since the a beneficial noun.