Users designed a reliable and you will a lot of time-identity relationship with brand new frog, which is a frequent parasocial dating

Users designed a reliable and you will a lot of time-identity relationship with brand new frog, which is a frequent parasocial dating

The partial-arranged interview definition included three fundamental bits: first advice, the fresh determination getting and you may exposure to to experience Travel Frog, and you may individual way of life status and you will social matchmaking. Inside the very first recommendations region, personal information including many years, jobs, town of quarters, electronic online game choices and online game-to try out records are compiled. Throughout the 2nd area, interviewees responded concerns eg “Exactly how do you learn more about this video game?”, “Why do you play it?”, “Exactly what did you consider the frog on game?”, “Do you ever view it as your animals/friend/partner/young man?”, “As to why otherwise then?”, and “Perhaps you have missed they?” The 3rd the main interview was according to interviewees’ responses in the previous part to help you inquire into their real-lifetime condition. Such as, in case your interviewee said Traveling Frog made all of them feel relaxed, we would inquire whether he/she noticed stressed actually plus the supply of the stress. Once they mentioned it preferred the life-style of your own frog from inside the next part, we could possibly make them consider the most recent existence and you may define its top lifestyle, etcetera. The particular interview are based on the interviewees’ solutions, and interviewer continued asking concerns in order to ask further into the the latest interviewees’ answers.


Depending on the interview materials, we learned that really interviewees first installed the newest software and began to experience so you’re able to follow a personal development and you will show a familiar expertise in household members. They didn’t respect the newest frog in the games since a good young buck to start with, however, concerned do it over time as they starred the games. Once repeated knowledge for the frog, interviewees reported that they admired and you may enjoyed the fresh new frog’s depicted lives, and just how it seemed to interact with users. The newest mental involvement and you will understanding of the brand new frog didn’t happen in the particular correspondence throughout the games however,, instead, this new interpretation and you may creative imagination of people. Additionally, the newest players’ feelings towards and you may opinions of frog were not limited by the brand new Take a trip Frog games, but offered your outside the online game. They estimated the expectations of life style freely on the relationship with the fresh new frog, and wanted to features equivalent relationship with the moms and dads or people, allowing the players to think about the fresh frog as their youngster. We instruct a couple of reason why players viewed the latest frog as their child: to venture the brand new promise out of living freely and to show their assumption from a fantastic mother or father-child matchmaking.

Projecting the fresh Hope out of Life Freely

Once the change of one’s sector procedure in the Asia, teenagers enjoys encountered far more particular dangers, although regulators has not adopted a whole appeal system and you may personal security measures to help with private development. The individual need certainly to rely on themselves otherwise herself.

“Within the real-world, most people are packed with anxieties, just like the majority of people get one sorts of lifetime: bust your tail and you may spend less to invest in property to repay off. Our company is up against that it tension…” (Female interviewee 4, 20 years old, Chengdu).

On the introduction of financial rationality, the fresh new reputation and you can aim of assets has dramatically improved, and you may property ownership has-been one of the most important elements of a good lifetime (Wu, 2016). Brand new character of financial basis in marriage happens to be all the more noticeable both in outlying and urban areas. The newest bride-to-be price for the outlying parts is actually expanding annual. For the urban areas, possible people are required to own an auto and you can a house in advance of ). Moreover, for the majority of young people who are not regional inhabitants for the a good area, when they need to see regional urban hukou, that provides usage of public attributes and you will social hobbies, they are expected to pick property (Lui, 2017; Nie & XING, 2011). Large rates push these individuals to function difficult and you may take on overtime try to maintain jobs balance facing unemployment and strong race (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, & Hou, 2019). However, young people data tough otherwise work overtime not only on account of the price tag out-of way of living and you will advancement will cost you, and because of their criterion on their own.